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Up-armouring military aircraft and vehicles

Customs built overt and covert communication equipment

Mine detectors


IED/EOD equipment

Body armour

Light equipment, Night vision equipment

Decoys and counter measures

Anti  - terror equipment


NBC equipment







Safety & Security Service A/S was established in 1982.  It is an independent, privately owned company based in Oslo.  The main objective, when the company was founded, was to make life a little easier for those tasked with the duty to counter acts of terrorism.  To that end, Safety & Security Service A/S supply equipment to the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement agencies in the Nordic countries.Safey & Security Service A/S became a limited company in 1987. (Share capital, NOK 500.000,-)

The core business for the company has historically been ballistic protective laminates, composites and body armour. We have up-armoured helicopters and aircrafts. We have also uparmoured a lage amount of vehicles.

We represent several companies from the United States and Europe, such as Allianttechsystems, LBA International Ltd., Sonic Communications Ltd, MSA Gallet, Swiss Arms, Glock GmbH, Chemring Countermeasures, Ebinger GmbH, Kilgore Countermeasures, PW Defence. General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical systems-Canada Inc./ Simunition (R), Seyntex, Mills Electronics, Audiotel,  Expal SA, Dillon Aero, Accuracy International and several other military and police equipment manufacturers.


Simunition (R) is registered trademark of General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical systems-Canada Inc.


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The company policy is, and has always been, to prvide the best possible service combined with world leading euqipement over a brad spectrum, at very competitive prices. Our turnover of 30 mill. NOK is roughly broken down as follows: 2/3 Armed Forces, 1/3 Special Forces and Police Forces throughout Scandinavia.

 Attention! We have moved, New address: Økern Torgvei 13, 0580 Oslo.

Safety & Security Service A/S    NATO supplier no. N-2075    E-mail: customer service

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